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Welcome to our new blog. We hope you enjoy what you see. This is a sneak peek into what we do on a daily basis. Our passion and creativity come to life here because this is what we were made to do. Take a look around and let us know if you have any feedback, or shoot us a message if you just feel like saying hello. We hope to hear from you.



  • Thanks a lot Pawan, every minute I spent at the work shop was relaly worth. It did help me in many ways.Though i knew little bit about script writing and scene division, I never knew that it’s necessary to divide each scenes into sub scenes and then make the shot divisions.I got to learn the way to operate camera, editing concepts, how it is important to know the editing pattern in mind during the script writing itself. They all will surely help me sometime. I got to interact with lot of like minded people which is one more plus point. Before attending this workshop I was a confused dreamer and was all ready to quit my job and enter the film industry blindly. I would like to say that now I wouldn’t do that mistake blindly. At least for next 3 years thanks for opening our minds up to the harsh realities of movie industry. I still remain as a enthusiastic film maker and will continue learning the process as a hobby. I have a dream of making it to film industry one day but only after I equip myself with necessary skills and prove myself in the short films section. Thanks again. Keep doing these kinda workshops, they will surely of a help to confused people like me.

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