Coloring in the Lines with Marketing Agencies

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Vlad Kovalenko constructs a line drawing of a Case IH Axial-Flow combine for Bader Rutter.
3D line drawing of a Case IH Axial-Flow® combine encased around a single rotor.


Case IH’s rotary combine has been leading the industry since 1977. So when their largest competitor released a similar product, Case IH wanted to highlight those 35 years of experience for their customers. Enter Bader Rutter – One of the premier independent marketing agencies in the United States.​

Bader Rutter approached the Relentless crew to help create a broadcast commercial spot. Initial stages of concept development began with the idea that “the rotor is the heart of a combine”.  Brainstorming ideas included paint “bleeds” and computer generated combines, but those ideas lacked the feeling of strength needed to carry the “heart” theme through.

Eventually, we opted for technical line drawings. We knew we wanted the lines in 3D space instead of flat, like technical drawings, which would enable the viewer to see the rotor in action through the body of the combine. We then chose a shot and Relentless 3D Animator, Vlad Kovalenko digitally tracked the movement of the camera through the footage, using its data to create a camera in 3D space.

3Ds Max modeling of a Case IH Axila-Flow® Combine based off of tracked footage.

We had our shot, which we loved, but the hopper on the combine touched the top of the frame. Our combine needed more headroom. Relentless Post Production Producer, David Biederbeck enlisted the aid of acclaimed motion designer and compositor, Joël Gibbs to extend the sky above our Red Machine as it approaches the frame in the original shot.

Bader Rutter:  Script, Audio
Relentless: Concept, Production, 3D, Sky extension

Working with a great marketing agency can really bring value to a production in a number of different ways:

They help protect the brand

A client’s brand is important, beyond just a name and emblem. A brand is nurtured and protected fiercely and good Marketing and PR firms take that to heart. Logo positioning, size, timing, and presentation all have a psychological impact; and when telling the client’s story, it’s invaluable to have someone with you who is invested in the brand’s portrayal as a pivotal character.

They provide consistency of style

Robust clients curate content from a number of different sources, so it’s important that each chapter of their story is clear and consistent regardless of whose hand is holding the quill. Font selection, verbiage, music, and even the sometimes enigmatic feel that we bring to a production all needs to complement the overall client message or campaign. And if we do have any contrasting element, the effort can be used to its greatest effect. Sometimes a client may not be as adept at conveying where a piece fits in the bigger picture. Marketing agencies, by their nature, have a more commanding view of the land; providing something we may be lacking otherwise: context.

They follow trends

Marketing agencies follow industry trends and insights. This is their bread and butter. This isn’t just a goldmine of information for businesses, but for creatives as well. Trends are made. There are other creatives out there and their work is driving the market. What are our clients’ competitors bringing to the table? What social sensitivities and pitfalls should we be aware of? What medium is currently resonating with our clients’ target demographic? For an example of the potential backlash in attempting to buck a trend, look no further than this Times article on Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial.

 David_Vlad_3Ds Max

We at Relentless, Inc. love getting to be part of the creative process for agencies. It’s always refreshing to be given new ideas and creative input. Figuring out solutions to creative hurdles breaks us all out of our comfort zones and forces us to add valuable new skills to our repertoire. These are relationships where teams complement the best parts of each other for some truly epic storytelling.



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